M1RA and Raben hand in hand

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As of September 2018, following the signing of the sponsorship contract Raben Trans European Hungary Kft. is the official logistics partner of M1RA, the team of Norbert Michelisz – multiple Touring Car World Championship Winner Hungarian.

Besides providing professional advice, the organization of mutual events are also in plan as well as aid in logistic tasks if the need arises.

”I am glad that we can stand behind such a successful group as M1RA as they are the ones who always fight for their goals and never give up. They share their beliefs in sports and values with Raben; their passion reliability and professionalism is exemplary. I am sure that our fruitful relationship will mean quite a lot of cooperation in the times to come.” said Csaba Árvai, managing director of Raben Trans European Hungary Kft.

”As an international race team logistics organization plays a great part in our lives. It is crucial to competitiveness that our tools are in their place where and when they need to be. Let me give you an example: recently we were in dire need of some parts from Hyundai Motorsport’s depot in Germany. Raben was as passionate about acquiring the part in the best and most cost efficient way as we were about solving our problems. In three hours one of Raben’s partners had already picked up the package and 18 hours later we could work with the parts in our garage at Kecskemét. With Raben being our partner in logistics they are also our partners in success.” said Dávid Bári the leader of the team.

The two parties put a large emphasis on corporate social responsibility and hence they wish to promote the importance of safe travel. Furthermore they also plan on campaigning for those who face hard living conditions.

Reaching the goal as fast as possible is crucial for both parties but the way there is also important because accurate planning, preparations and the means of implementation is hard logistics work for both the race team and the logistics provider. This common point makes the work and cooperation of both parties even more harmonic.

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