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Two independent women: Magda, a driver of Fresh Logistics Polska, and DR Lifestyle, a blogger-dietician, in one truck filled with Zott yoghurts. In addition, the road "from the cow to table" from Opole, through Gliwice, to Gdańsk. In the background: diet tips and talks about “girl power” at the wheel - all broadcast live on social media - this is a summary of the second edition of the #RabenExpress action - or #FreshExpress #ZottExpress to be precise, which reached over 1 million users of new media.

The action was carried out at the end of May 2018 and it was based on the so-called influencer marketing, i.e. using images of famous people to promote the brands of Fresh, Raben and Zott. The second edition of the project featured DR Lifestyle, a dietician and the author of a popular blog about healthy lifestyle, who joined Magda, a driver of Fresh Logistics Polska and a singer of the “Magda Jump” band.

“The first edition of the #RabenEspress action exceeded our wildest expectations; we reached almost a million users of new media. That was the reason why we decided on the continuation. This time, we decided to go a step further and we invited one of our customers: Zott Polska. - explains Klaudyna Polanowska-Skrzypek, PR Manager at Raben Group - “After all, creating tailor-made solutions for our customers is our strength, so we were sure that the joint project of Fresh, a company specializing in the transport of products in controlled temperatures, and Zott, a producer of yoghurts, showing the road “from cow to table”, will be very popular among viewers.”

The aim of the campaign was to show the whole production cycle of yoghurt, from the farm where milk is produced, through the production process, Fresh Logistics warehouses, transport in a refrigerated truck, to delivering it virtually to the consumer's hand.

“Zott is open to new challenges. When Fresh Logistics invited us to take part in a joint PR action that would present the company and our products in an original and completely different context, we didn’t think about it for a long time. Information about the campaign quickly reached the top management, who decided to open the factory and show how Zott products are made.” - says Dr. Małgorzata Bogdan Communication Specialist at ZOTT Polska - “We liked the idea of ​​showing the main stages of the production cycle and we committed ourselves to it with all our hearts.”

What is more, the goal of #FreshExpress was to focus on healthy lifestyle for those with sedentary work (at the wheel or at the desk), on promoting the profession of a driver, particularly among women, as well as on the role of transport in the modern world since the slogan of one of Raben Group campaigns says “No transport, no yoghurt!”.

"When I got an offer to participate in the #FreshExpress #ZottExpress #RabenExpress action, the word “when” immediately started flashing in my head. “If” was not even an option. I was convinced by the opportunity to participate in an authentic action showing the route of yoghurt from cow to shop shelf and the possibility to show the whole process to readers from the perspective of an inquisitive observer. This is a system which benefited all of us. The readers got valuable, unique content, and the brands can position themselves as reliable because they allowed for showing the company operations from the inside.” - says Monika Ciesielska, a dietician and the author of the DR Lifestyle blog.

The idea for the action was quite simple, it consisted of sending a dietician and a blogger, DR Lifestyle, with the driver of Fresh Logistics Polska, Magda, on the road. It began in Opole on a farm supplying milk for the production of yoghurt, through the Zott Polska factory in Opole, the Fresh Logistics Polska warehouse in Gliwice, and ended with the delivery of the goods to the Fresh logistics centre near Gdańsk. Naturally the blogger's additional task was to report on the action in the social media and prepare a review of the travel for her blog: https://www.drlifestyle.pl/dietetyka/praca-kierowca-ciezarowki/. Each post was marked with additional hashtags: #FreshExpress #ZottExpress #RabenExpress.

“We were very impressed by the commitment and professionalism of our partners and participants of the action. The whole undertaking was a great challenge for all of us, but at the same time it was an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure. The representatives of Fresh Logistics introduced the idea of ​​the action to us and helped to prepare it step by step. We are grateful for the hospitality of the friendly family of farmers, who kindly showed us their innovative and animal-friendly farm. It should be emphasized that the success of the action would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and full professionalism on the part of Monika and Magda, who set off on a journey together and shared their positive energy with us and the viewers who followed their actions. And we had many more of them than we had expected, which is why we can definitely say taht the campaign was a success. It was worth it!” - says Dr. Małgorzata Bogdan.

The campaign was divided into three stages. In the 1st stage, DR Lifestyle teased the action itself, letting readers know that an interesting adventure was waiting for her. In the 2nd stage, the blogger-dietician informed her fans that she was just setting off for a farm full of milk cows, and then she would go on the road in a cistern with milk and in a Fresh refrigerated truck. The whole trip was reported on-line via DR Lifestyle social channels. i.e. on Instgram, Instastory and Facebook, where also live broadcasts were shown. The last stage, of course, is the report from the trip on the blog and numerous tips for people who have  sedentary work: how to eat healthy and lead hygienic lifestyle at the wheel or at the desk.

The campaign had over 600,000 views on Instastory alone and it gathered really positive opinions - not only from DR Lifestyle's fans but also from customers of Raben Group and Fresh Logistics Polska, some of whom have turned out to be readers of this dietary blog. The total reach of the campaign generated from the social media and the blog is over 1 million.

“The action is a complete novelty on the market, because it is one of the largest and boldest projects in the logistics industry, in which we promote not only that “Transport is necessary” but also ... and perhaps above all, the customers of Raben Group.” - emphasizes Wojtek Kardyś from the Good For You agency.

The project was carried out together with Zott Polska, DR Lifestyle and the Good For You agency.

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