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Belarus is one of the countries that are still waiting for the interest of the world tourism and business. Our Easter neighbour is increasingly open to visitors from abroad, and not only to those whose aim is just sightseeing. What perspectives does Belarus offer to a Polish investor?

In recent years Belarus has become one of the fastest growing economies among the former Soviet republics.  The complexes of an East European country caused by dozens of years behind the iron curtain are fading and are being replaced by readiness to cooperate with the West. Poles and Belarusians - business partners. The trade alliance with Poland is supported by the favourable geographical location of Belarus, as well as the cultural and historical ties between those two countries. An interesting thing is that out of 10 million native Belarusians, almost 500 thousand claim Polish origin. This market is extraordinarily absorbent. An entrepreneur from Poland can expect good conditions for investments.  They result, among other things, from the tax and customs incentives, the favourable legal system, the presence of very active economic zones and, finally, from the very well-developed road and rail transport system.At present the best sales markets for exporters from the West are Belarusian cities and districts, i.e. Minsk with the population of 1,800,000, Brest, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev and Vitebsk. However, Raben Group transports shipments not just to the largest cities and district capitals but also to the doors of consignees from smaller towns.Belarusians are eager to support Polish business since Poland is among the leading countries which trade with Belarus (the others being Russia, Ukraine, China, Great Britain, and Germany).  According to Belstat, the value of Belarusian export to Poland in 2017 was 1.8 billion dollars (growth by 33.1% on 2016), and import - 1,33 billion dollars (growth by 12.9%.).  Nevertheless, experts warn that organisation of transport in the East of Europe requires significant knowledge and experience in customs procedures and in the specifics of Eastern markets. Hence it is essential to find a reliable logistics partner.Absorbent market Specialists list several market segments which are particularly popular in business contacts between Poland and Belarus. Among many products exported to our Eastern neighbour, there are machines and machinery, electronic and electrical equipment, and their parts. Belarus is a perfect market for the Polish furniture market. We also expert complete technological lines. It is also a great market for Polish producers of chemicals and building materials. Additionally, Belarusians frequently buy our meat and products of plant origin.It's easier with Raben Group Raben East has enriched the portfolio of the Group with regular groupage connections with Eastern countries. This direction has been services for over 8 years now. In this manner, transport competences to Belarus are being develop regularly. We offer departures from Raben terminal in Chlebnia near Grodzisk Mazowiecki two times a week.  What is more, Raben Group has its own customs agencies, thanks to which complete customs clearance is a part of our service. The agencies are in three locations: in Gądki, Gliwice and in Chlebnia (Grodzisk Mazowiecki). They offer exporters professional advisory services and care. The services cover deliveries to customs agencies in Brest, Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel.  Each transport heading East has an Electronic Prior Information (EPI), which provides Belarusian customs authorities with a set of necessary documents (CMR, invoice, specifications, split of customs duties, driver's passport, etc.) After their verification, an electronic customs declaration is prepared and then a unique identification number (UINP) is assigned.  This model allows for effective elimination of errors and significantly shortens time which is usually wasted on customs formalities at the border.For many Polish exporters Belarus may turn out to be an extremely interesting country with many business perspectives. The industry is developing rapidly and the transport needs are growing. Raben East can become your partner which will make the first steps on this market much easier.