Raben opened a new modern headquarters in Nupaky near Prague

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On April 19, 2018, on the tenth anniversary on the Czech and Slovak market, Raben Logistics Czech officially cut the red ribbon of the new headquarters in Nupaky near Prague. "The new logistics centre, with the area of over 27,000 square meters, is one of the most modern buildings in the logistics sector in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is an important milestone for Raben Group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and that is why we celebrated it with our customers and employees," says Jakub Trnka, the Managing Director of Raben Logistics Czech and Raben Logistics Slovakia.

The celebration of the opening of the new headquarters, combined with the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Raben Group on the Czech and Slovak market, was splendid. "On April 19,2018, we officially opened our new depot together with our customers and partners. We greatly appreciate that our invitation was accepted by the distinguished guest, His Excellency Kees Klompenhouwer, the Dutch Ambassador in the Czech Republic. The Ambassador, together with Ewald Raben, CEO of Raben Group, Jakub Trnka, the Managing Director of Raben Logistics Czech and Raben Logistics Slovakia, and Zdeněk Apeltauer, Regional Director of CTP, cut the ribbon of the new headquarters," says Martina Netuhová, Marketing and PR Manager of Raben Logistics Czech and Raben Logistics Slovakia. "Two days after we celebrated the opening of our new headquarters in Nupaky with our employees and their families from all the depots in the Czech Republic and Slovakia," adds Martina Netuhová.

The new headquarters also has modern warehouse facilities with the area of over 20,000 m2, 4700 m2 of which offers the possibility of temperature-controlled regime for storage and transportation for Fresh segment from 2 to 6 °C and 16 to 18 °C. The warehouses are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, an intelligent HVAC system and a sprinkler system compliant with the NFPA standard. These premises are connected with a 5000 m2 plus stand-alone cross-dock warehouse, i.e. a transhipment area where goods are unloaded, consolidated, sorted and reloaded for further distribution. The modern logistics complex also has new offices with modern equipment with the areaof more than 650 m2 and its own car parking with the area of 4,830 m2.

The logistics centre is located in the strategic location of CTPark Prague East, which has direct access to the D1 motorway. In addition to its excellent location, there is a petrol station, a service garage and a truck wash, a restaurant and a newly built bus stop with a direct connection to Prague.

The new headquarters is also one of the buildings that will please even the local inhabitants and ecologists. "We are celebrating our 10th anniversary in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and we want our new headquarters to be a gift for everyone - our customers, partners, employees, and also the local community. We really want to be a good neighbour wherever we operate," adds Jakub Trnka. Twenty thousand square meters around the depot is a green area where around 500 trees and 8,000 shrubs will be growing. Instead of traditional noise barrier, the developer built a natural bulwark that can be used by children for sleighing during winter. There is also a meandering creek for the public where you can relax in the summer.

The construction took less than a year thanks to the experienced internal team of engineers, designers, and thanks to the very good mutual cooperation. "I appreciate a lot the trust of Raben, which has chosen CTP as a partner for its further growth. CTPark Prague East is strategically located and thanks to its excellent accessibility to Prague (20km), the airport (35km), Dresden (170km) and Brno (187km), and thanks to the high quality of this built-to-suit solution, Raben also gains the advantage of fast transport service which plays an important role for logistics companies, "says Remon Vos, CEO of CTP.

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