Undiscovered East

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The beginning of the 1990s was a difficult period when most of the former Soviet Republics were in recession caused by the breakdown of traditional economic ties. Internal tensions and conflicts did not facilitate the development of that region. The major role in improving the economic situation was played by the International Monetary Fund, whose support was granted already in the 1990s to countries like Armenia, Georgia, Kirgizstan or Uzbekistan.

The shift of the economy towards the free market system, numerous privatisations, economic reforms and state investments helped to stimulate the dynamic economic growth, an example of which is Turkmenistan, which has noted regular economic growth since 1998.

Improved economic indexes are visible even in Tajikistan, allegedly the worst developed country in the region, which still makes many attempts to attract foreign capital. It must be assumed that the whole region will remain on the path of systematic development.

Apart from the extraction of natural resources, a high percentage of production is concentrated in the farming and food sector and besides the energy resources and all types of metal and metallurgy products, this part of Asia also exports food or other natural products, such as cotton or timber.

The development is followed by increased demand for all kinds of construction materials, specialist machinery, machines and vehicles. Chemical products also enjoy great popularity, both those used in the industry and in households.

Demand for pharmaceuticals, ready food products or clothing is also observed. Anything can become an export hit, even Polish compote exported to Mongolia because those markets are able to absorb practically all products from the West which have better quality than those manufactured locally.

For many years now Raben Group has rendered transport services to countries outside the European Union, such as Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Moldavia or Belarus. Spotting the potential hidden in the Eastern markets and the growing demand, our offer of international road transport has been expanded with the countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Iraq, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

Experience and knowledge in customs clearing allow us to additionally offer consulting services in export and import procedures and preparing required documents. Raben Polska runs Customs Agencies in Poland with an experienced team of licensed customs agents. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the possibilities of future development.

Bartłomiej Łapiński

Bartłomiej Łapiński

Raben East General Director

Connected with Logistics since 2006. Responsible at Raben Group for development of connections with Easter markets and customs processes.


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