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Food safety is the area of interest and care of all those involved in individual stages of the supply chain, starting from suppliers of raw materials to food producers, logistics operators, vendors and consumers. In Raben Group we have a multilevel approach to this issue. We take into account safety in warehouses, during transport, as well as the proper fleet adjusted to the requirements of the food sector.

The delivery process in everyday regular transport connections often requires logistics operators to consolidate loads in one trailer. It is caused by the need to optimise the connections and costs for the Customer. A problem arises when it is necessary to consolidate food shipments with other products. Based on the conducted risk analysis combined with the needs analysis of the Customers of Raben Polska from the food sector, a decision was made in 2014 to purchase 96 new reefer semi-trailers additionally equipped with so-called partition walls. They mostly service everyday connections between the branches of Raben Polska.

How is it different from the solutions used so far?

A partition wall allows for “building” two tightly separated cargo spaces in one trailer. This solution is used for simultaneous transport of other goods with food shipments without the risk of contact between those two different product groups. It is a portable element which allows for flexible division of the cargo space into two parts in different configurations, e.g. 50%/50%, 40%/60% and 25%/75 %, depending on the needs of the current route or cargo. What is more, in one area we are able to guarantee a specific, defined temperature.

Safety of this solution is clearly seen when we take into account dangerous situations which may occur during the transport of shipments. It may be, for instance, a leak of one of the transported substances which will contaminate the food shipment, a road incident that will cause a shift of the food cargo or a crash with another shipment in the same trailer. All those risks are significantly limited thanks to the application of partition walls.

Safely and ecologically

The application of this solution also brings financial benefits. They are connected above all with better filling of individual transports due to the possibility of safe combination of food shipments with other products. It is also important that the trailers are equipped with the additional floor (beams allowing for stacking of shipments). We also gain savings from decreased fuel
consumption of the cooling unit. It is possible thanks to the limitation of cargo space for food products which require controlled temperature. It is an additional benefit for the natural environment due to the reduced CO2 emissions. By implementing the new trailers with partition walls we have offered a new standard which additionally aims at increasing the safety of transported food products. Raben Polska has chosen reefer semi-trailers by Schmitz (SKO 24/L – 13.4 FP 60 COOL) with Carrier Vector 1350 cooling units. By eliminating risk, we are building dedicated and modern solutions.

Rafał Kukotko

Rafał Kukotko

Transport Manager

In Raben Group for 18 years. Deals with transport issues and relations with subcontractors. Holds a certificate in transport of commodities. 


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