Safety on the plate

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Every day, when we reach for a cup of yoghurt, we are often unaware of the multitude of processes and solutions which are necessary so that we can have it on our table. The route of the product, commonly referred to as “from farm to fork”, is strictly controlled at every stage using advanced technological and IT solutions. Monitoring individual elements of the supply chain aims at not only maintaining the highest quality and safety of the product, but also at building trust of the producer and consumer in the selected transport company.

When buying food products, consumers expect their favourite goods to be available and fresh. It is important for retail networks as well as producers to select a logistics partner who, apart from competitive prices, delivery times, is able to guarantee safety of transported and stored products. Temperature control is of key importance here, however the human factor is also significant.

Critical Control Point

Fresh Logistics, which specialises in the logistics of fresh products, focuses on the implemented Food Safety Management System (compliant with ISO 22000:2005), which guarantees safety of Customers' goods through storage and transport in controlled temperature in the whole logistics chain. Thermal conditions of storing food products at every stage of their route (from the producer to the consumer) always comply with the provisions of the Food Law in force in Poland and the EU countries. Actions undertaken by Fresh Logistics and the implemented procedures are used to monitor CCP (Critical Control Point, which is temperature control), from the collection from the Customer through the whole process of storage and transport. This requirement is fulfilled e.g. by supervision over the equipment which maintains desired temperature in order to eliminate risk of interrupting the cold chain.

New risks

Human factor is also of significant importance. In this case, food safety is monitored in the context of accidental contamination of food products by biological, chemical and physical factors during storage or processing. Sources of unintentional contamination are identified and then they used to develop a risk analysis in HACCP systems.

Currently a more widely discussed topic is “Food Defence” i.e. protecting products against intentional contamination. The major risks are malicious contamination of food with toxic materials, sabotage in the supply chain, or using food for (bio)terrorist or criminal activities. These kinds of attacks may not only lower reputation of global brands but, above all, they may impact the health of consumers. In order to ensure safety of transported and stored products, Fresh Logistics has implemented the international Food Defence procedures. The Food Protection Plan has been developed. It focuses on the appropriate protection of stored products through comprehensive monitoring of facilities, controlled access to the premises, limited access to restricted areas, identification of visitors, and many others. The applied methods aim at limiting the probability and consequences of a hostile attack and protecting the image of the company as well as Customer. Safe and fresh food on our table is still taken for granted. Meanwhile, we are often unaware of the fact that the route of each yoghurt to the fridge in our home is strictly monitored and protected.

As the risk in our contemporary lives is evolving, the danger in logistics of fresh products is also changing. Fresh Logistics follows the trends in order to be a responsible partner for producers of fresh food and retails chains. Thanks to this, we as Customers can feel safe when we eat our yoghurt every day.

Marcin Turski

Marcin Turski

Sales and Customer Service Director

Marcin is Sales and Customer Service Director of Fresh Logistics Polska, he’s been with Raben Group since 2001.He specializes in logistics in fresh products.


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