No room for mistakes in meat transport

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Producers of meat with expiry date of 6-7 days from the date of production are forced measure deliveries to shops not in terms of days but in terms of hours. Their product has zero tolerance for errors in logistics. Is it possible to have quick transport while maintaining conditions required for meat?

Many though it impossible before we launched the UltraFresh service in 2012. Thanks to this and thanks to the growing popularly of vacuum packing, portions of fresh meat and fish found their way to Polish shops. Previously one could shop for them only at specialist retailers (butcher's and fishmonger's) and they were sold by weight.

Such a revolution in distribution called above all for ensuring appropriate conditions, developing adequate procedures and preparing Employees for handling such a specific product group. This meant changes both in warehousing and in transport.


NOT JUST TEMPERATURE or how to transport food products

The first, relatively simplest obstacle was ensuring appropriate temperature conditions. Vehicles which transported UltraFresh products were supposed to keep products in temperature between 0° and 2°C. We used modern refrigerated trucks and cold chambers which allow us to maintain appropriate conditions in the whole logistics chain.

We developed and implemented standards and procedures which guarantee safety of the transported and stored products. What is more, we trained our Employees and we made them aware of the great responsibility they bear for the quality of the food products they handle.



Maintaining appropriate conditions of transported and stored products accounts for half of the success of the UltraFresh service. The other half is delivering them faster and cheaper than the competition. Therefore our Customers have the guarantee of delivery to the central warehouse or a wholesaler within 24 hours from collecting the product. This requires flawless planning of transport, handling and deliveries, and equally flawless execution. How do we do it? It is the result of many years of experience as a logistics operator and the work of experts who love what they do.

Using the UltraFresh service means that the producers, whose products were previously delivered to shops after 48 hours from production, are now able to sell their meat for five and not just for four days in a week.  This can increase the chances of purchase by even 25%! Naturally this calculation is a certain simplification. Nevertheless it shows what revolutionary service in refrigerated transport we are dealing with.

Marcin Turski

Marcin Turski

Sales and Customer Service Director

Marcin is Sales and Customer Service Director of Fresh Logistics Polska, he’s been with Raben Group since 2001.He specializes in logistics in fresh products.


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