CSR– childishly simple?

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Scientific research proves that polluted environment leads to many diseases. Problems appear already at the start... In such conditions there are more children being born with low birth weight and they have a higher risk of developing diabetes or high blood pressure than newborns with normal weight. [1]

Scientists from Harvard University have recently discovered that polluted environment increases the risk of autism among children. The analysis showed that high air pollution may double the risk of this affliction. Small particles of dust, coal and other chemicals may enter mother's blood stream and damage the brain of the foetus.[2] An important aspect of childhood is the sense of belonging to a larger community which tells us to perceive a threat to the world as a danger to ourselves.

Environmental and social aspects stimulate the imagination also of adults. Following the rule of Muhammad Yunus saying that “the process of transforming the mechanisms of global management must start from ourselves”, more and more people are uniting around the common cause, creating non-governmental organisations or social movements fighting for a “better tomorrow”.[3]

Socially responsible companies are called “conscious citizens”. By managing their risks, they show their care for our common good. They look further ahead, engaging more and more stakeholders and participants of the supply chain. They are aware that their responsibility does not end at products and services which they market. In Raben Group, we care for the health and safety of all stakeholders. This is the first of our five CSR aims. However, we should remember that in the time when over 80% of the company value is its intangible assets, and its reputation can be crushed by one irresponsible action, corporate social responsibility is also a part of risk management. Careless behaviours of employees or suppliers may result in a risk not only for the company but also for the widely understood environment. We are aware of this and that is why we carefully select our service providers who sign the Code of Ethics of Raben Group before starting the cooperation.

Logistics companies are a significant part of the safe and responsible supply chain. The awareness of the people they employ and cooperate with influences the quality of products which we find in our refrigerators and on our tables. Improper storage or transport may have catastrophic results. Image and financial consequences for the company; dangerous and sometimes even lethal for the environment. That is why it is extremely important to choose a responsible logistics partner who is aware of his role because even if we avoid responsible actions, we can't escape the consequences of doing so.


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