Can we build ecologically, effectively and economically?

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The economic recession slowed down and later ended the era of constructing speculative projects. Just a few years ago developers provided the logistics market with hundreds of thousands of square meters of simple, unspecialized and often inefficiently planned warehouses.

That phase of the development of the Polish market of commercial real estate did not leave too much room for increasing the awareness of Customers' needs or for formulating high expectations in this respect. The warehouse just had to “be available” and no one paid too much attention to the quality.

Built to Suit

After the time of speculative developments came the BTS phase (Built to Suit). Previously, developers built as they pleased for the Customer they did not have yet. Now they had to face such a Customer even before the decision to execute the project was made. The responsibility of both parties for the quality of warehouse capacities increased. Some allowances were made for environmental protection. The contractor who can boast the ecological qualities of the warehouse stands out from the competition, and the “green” logistics has become the responsibility of the lessee (the logistics) towards their Customers.


Care for the natural environment has always been important for Raben Group and we observe the construction eco-technologies with utmost interest. The conservation of the environment which will translate into measurable benefits for our Customers is crucial for us. We have spotted great opportunities in new lighting technologies.After conducting through practical tests we have decided to introduce LED lights in our warehouses. Such systems are used in the newly built facilities of Raben Polska in Sosnowiec and in Robakowo, and Fresh Logistics warehouse in Gliwice. We are also launching the process of upgrading the older structures. We use more expensive but more efficient heating systems. We are investing in thermal insulation of the docking platforms. All the technical solutions used in Raben Group are ecologically cost-effective which directly influences the possibility of providing our Customers with better commercial conditions.

Raben Group facilities

Those have always differed from the warehouses available for lease because, as a rule, they have always been “Built To Suit”. While building for our Group we use the opportunity to adjust the new warehouse to the needs of highly-specialised logistics services which we offer. We are not afraid of investments which bring benefits only in the long term. Our knowledge allows us to adjust the building ordered from a developer or erected using our own resources to the commercial and functional challenges posed by the contemporary market. Our warehouses are constructed according to the specifications of the stored goods and to appropriately selected safety measures, such as floor insulations and fire water tanks or roof and in-rack sprinklers. We consciously choose between such standards as NFPA, FM Global, etc. We select the storage height, floor load-bearing capacity, structural reinforcements, racking system layout, and other critical parameters of the building so as to achieve the maximum number of pallet spaces in the available warehouse capacity.

We configure a durable, safe and low-maintenance docking system which is of great importance in cross-docks. So, paradoxically, the difficult situation on the market for warehouse developers may increase the quality of the constructed buildings. The only thing limiting the players on the market of warehouse development will be their knowledge and imagination.

Marek Zychla

Marek Zychla

Investment Director

Responsible for real estate in Raben Group. Coordinates the development of new logistics centres and modernization of existing facilities of Raben Group. 


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