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The most important events in the history of Raben Group.

  • 1931 - J.W. Raben founded a transport company in the Netherlands
  • 1960 - T. Raben took over the helm of the company
  • 1991 - E. Raben opened Raben company in Poland
  • 2002 - Fresh Logistics Polska established in Poland
  • 2003 - Raben company opened in Ukraine
  • 2004 - Raben companies opened in LT, LV and EE
  • 2005 - German company Birkart Systemverkehre GmbH became a member of Raben Group
  • 2007 - Raben Sea & Air started operations
  • 2008 - Setto (a family company operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia) joined Raben Group
  • 2010 - Raben Logistics Hungary established
  • 2010 - Czech company Transkam Logistik became a member of Raben Group
  • 2011 - Raben Group announces acquisition of the German Road Network and operations in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia from Wincanton
  • 2012 - Raben Trans European Czech (previously Wincanton), Raben Logistics Czech  and Transkam  Logistik were merged into the company Raben Logistics Czech s.r.o.
  • 2013 - Moving the activities of Raben Sea & Air to Raben Polska and Raben Transport
  • 2013 - Fresh Logistics Polska joined European Food Network
  • 2014 - Raben Logistic Germany, Raben Trans European Germany, Eli Transport are merged into Raben Trans European Germany GmbH
  • 2015- HRL Eurocargo, Balter Group and Spedition Weisshaupt  from Germany become a part of Raben Group
  • 2016 - Further acquisitions in Germany: Scheffler Spedition and Peter Spedition become a part of Raben Group. Raben Logistics Romania established
  • 2017 - Raben Group acquires operations in Germany: from Rhenus in Fellbach and from SCHMALZ+SCH├ľN Logistik Gruppe in Kamen; Raben takes over a 20% share in SITTAM Italy; New branch in Cluj and Sibu, Romania; aquisition of Busse Logistik 

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