85 years of Raben Group

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The history of Raben Group, which at present has over 130 depots located in 11 European countries, started in Meddo-Winterswijk in the Netherlands in 1931, when the current CEO's grandfather set up a transport company.

The next point in the history of Raben Group was when the founder's son, Theo Raben, took over the helm of the company in 1960, and he developed e.g. the transport of textiles to and from Poland.

In the 1980s the son of the then CEO, Ewald Raben, still being a student, worked in the family business as a driver and delivered shipments to Poland. After the transformation of 1989, he spotted the opportunity for development and set off to Poland with the aim of setting up a Raben branch. It was then when he bought a map of Poland and marked twelve locations which were to become branches in different parts of the country.

The years that followed were filled with new challenges. Raben Group was developing dynamically and accompanied its Customers in their road to business success, In 2002, Fresh Logistics appeared on the market, which specialized in servicing fresh products which required controlled temperature from 0 to +6 in the whole logistics chain.

The period from 2003 to 2010 was marked with expansion to new markets. In 2003 the first branch was opened in Ukraine and a year later Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia appeared on the Raben map in Europe. In 2008 the company entered the Czech and Slovakian markets. Two years later it was also in Hungary.

The German market is very important for Raben Group. The company is building up its position there organically and through acquisitions. In 2005 Birkart Systemverkehre was taken over. In 2011 the network of German terminals was expanded through the purchase of Wincanton. In the next years HRL Eurocargo, Balter Group, Spedition Weisshaupt and Peter Spedition joined Raben Group. At present Raben Group has 27 depots in Germany.

In 2016 Raben Group opened the first company in Romania, entering the 11th market.

The key to the company success is the Employees. Each day over 9,000 people from 11 European countries share their passion and engagement to create Raben Group's Customers’ competitiveness through cost and quality leadership supported by friendly service.


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