Piotr Skipor

  • Name: Piotr Skipor
  • BU: Raben Poland
  • Position: Regional International Forwarding Director

Piotr joined Raben Group in January 2003. He started his career in Sales Department in Grodzisk Mazowiecki on the position of Sales Specialist.

In October 2003 he was promoted to the position of Senior Specialist and in September 2004 he was offered the position of Customer Service Manager. At that post he was responsible for National Forwarding and in 2008 he was additionally in charge of International and National Customer Service Department.

At present (as of January 2009) he works on the position of Regional International Forwarding Director in Grodzisk Mazowiecki and he is in charge of International Forwarding in Grodzisk, Białystok and Olsztyn branches.

What are the three main things you have gained in Raben?


I have met many interesting and highly-esteemed people from whom I could learn a lot.


I’ve gained a lot of satisfaction from the fact that I am an important member of the management team and my job is significant.


I’ve got a lot of possibilities to develop my skills and potential.

What is your biggest achievement in Raben?

The biggest achievement still awaits me but I would like to keep it secret. For the time being I have a few main achievements: creating a new successful Customer Service Department (three years ago), participation in a new program of Raben Poland: “Coaching” and the promotion to my current position.

Why should professionals choose Raben?

In my opinion Raben is a good company for people who want to develop themselves. I believe that Raben allows people to become professionals in their fields.

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